Monday, December 21, 2009

We're on TV!

City Dictionary has partnered up with Broadcast Interactive Media and your local TV station website to allow you to view local words, definitions, and more on a local website you know and trust. (Read the press release.) Why make our dictionaries available on other websites? Well, we believe you shouldn't have to come to us to experience local flavor in the form of dictionary-style cultural snippets written by locals like you. Perhaps more importantly, we want to reach out to new audiences who can help enhance the City Dictionary experience by adding more perspectives on local language and culture. That's why we're allowing submissions (both words and definitions) from YouNews users on nearly 80 local TV station websites. Because of partnerships like this, City Dictionary is a growing source of knowledge on American cities and all of their subtle quirks.

Here is just one example of our dictionaries at work elsewhere, as seen on our Madison, WI partner, WKOW:

If one of your city's local news stations has YouNews, a platform for citizen journalism, then it also has the "city dictionary" for that area. If you're still unsure whether there's a City Dictionary partner in your area, feel free to contact us so we can give you the skinny (and a proper link). Rest assured, though, that all of our dictionaries continue to be available through

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