Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to ask for a three-way without getting slapped

Answer: Go to Cincinnati!

After selecting "
Please?"--Cincinnati speak for "pardon me," "what?", or "huh?"--as today's Word of the Day, I looked further into the city's local flavor and found an abundance of neat cultural tidbits.

For example, it appears that Cincinnati could be the only place in the country to ask an unsuspecting stranger for a
three-way, four-way, or a five-way without the risk of physical assault.

The way I understand it, a
three-way involves spaghetti, chili, and cheddar cheese all in the same dish. A four-way requires adding another ingredient, either diced onions or red beans. Then, a five-way is a three-way with both red beans and diced onions.

Cincinnati chili culture certainly goes well beyond this cute innuendo.
Cincinnati-style chili appears to be runnier than Texas-style chili, and employs ingredients like cinnamon and cocoa that are certainly strong, but not spicy hot.

One thing about Cincinnati chili that surprised me was the fact that
Skyline Chili is a chain of restaurants that serve chili, and not the name of Cincinnati chili itself. The name "skyline," according to one of our users, came about because the founder of the restaurant could see the Cincinnati skyline from his first restaurant. I guess I was a bit disappointed to learn that Skyline Chili was simply the McDonald's of chili. (I'm assuming some people might take issue with this assertion.)

Anyway, there's plenty more local Cincy flavor to check out, so visit the
Cincinnati Dictionary and learn more about Porkopolis.