Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to the People's Republic of...

We just love goofy city nicknames, especially when they're mildly political. Today's Word of the Day is People's Republic of Cambridge, a reference to the city's left-leaning campus crowd. (For those who don't immediately get the reference, the Communist regime in China has given the country the official namesake of "The People's Republic of China".)

Users have also given us the heads-up on similar city monikers:

Santa Monica, California is sometimes called the
People's Republic of Soviet Monica. Gotta love the double-whammy reference to both China and the USSR.

Madison, Wisconsin also has its share of political nicknames, such as the
People's Republic of Madison, as well as 60 square miles surrounded by reality. (The folks at had their own say on this local nomenclature, which is of importance to them because their own name refers to a 77-square-mile measurement of Madison.)

Madison's left-leaning language isn't always a joke, as we learned with the
Ho Chi Minh Trail, which almost became the official name of the city's Bassett Street back in the 1970's in protest of the Vietnam War.

Finally, we have found that the
People's Republic of Boulder has also gained a reputation for its left-leaning populace.

If you can think of any more funny nicknames,
we'd love to know what they are.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Buffalo Wings? Not in Buffalo

Today's Word of the Day (subscribe), "Wings, NOT Buffalo Wings," highlights what may be obvious to most, that buffalo wings are just wings in Buffalo. It makes total sense, but most people who visit Buffalo often make that mistake. I would like to go to Buffalo to order some "buffalo wings" just to see if I am duly chastised. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wauna-be Unique Town

This was @venerablesteve's reaction to today's Word of the Day, "Only Waunakee in the World." It's true that Waunakee, WI is the only Waunakee around, but apparently not everyone is impressed.