Tuesday, December 22, 2009

City Dictionary widget can now post to Facebook feeds

The folks at Sharendipity have made their applications available for embedding on Facebook pages. (Go to the blog post that describes the new post-and-play feature.) Now, instead of having to click through to a new website to interact with a widget or game, you can launch it right there in the comfort of your own Facebook environment. The City Dictionary widget (embedded below) can show up in your feed if you simply paste the url for the application (http://www.sharendipity.com/assets/3538/) to any Facebook page.

It works the same way that a YouTube video does within Facebook. You post the url--and not the embed code--into the "link" field. Then, click on the blue play button, just as you would for a video, and the widget will launch.

If you want a url for another zip code (the default zip code is for our home market of Madison, Wisconsin) simply go to the City Dictionary widget on Sharendipity and click on "customize" to enter your own zip code. The new url for your creation will then be ready for Facebook.

Of course, you can still go to CityDictionary.com and click on the big "C" logo at the bottom of the page to get the customized embed code for any zip code for your blog or website, but this opens up a way for you to share local dictionary entries on Facebook.

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