Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What should be your city's tagline?

At City Dictionary we're all about defining cities. What better way to do so than with a catchy tagline?

For your creative pleasure, we created a wiki tagline for every city on our website. Anyone can login (with a user account or anonymously) and edit the tagline to see the "official" tagline for the city change instantly. The taglines are limited to 140 characters. Let's face it: the wittiest taglines are often quite brief.

Here are a few examples from the many dictionaries on the website:

Some of my personal favorites are ones that are adapted from famous movie taglines, such as the following:

What's neat is that you can click on "history" to see the entire history of the wiki tagline. For example, here is the tagline history for Madison, Wisconsin. Once you create a tagline, it becomes immortalized. If yours is good enough, it might just stick around on the front page for a while.

So, go to City Dictionary, find your city, and share with us your best tagline. They don't have to be official-sounding, or even entirely based on reality. Taglines, just like resumes, should be aspirational (wink).

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