Saturday, September 26, 2009

That's what she said!

Today's Word of the Day, Ride the SLUT, reminds me of the Family Guy episodes when they cut to Quagmire, who would yuck it up at the slightest innuendo. Perhaps riding the SLUT isn't so subtle, but the thought nonetheless crossed my mind. I also happened to recall a few other funny entries that make childish crotch-humorist references. Consider the following:

Show and Blow (Madison, WI): If you're at a Badger football game and have an alcohol-related ejection, you are forced to perform a breathalyzer test upon showing your ticket voucher at the gate.

Go in High, Come out Gay (West Chester, PA): Apparently you can go into town on High Street, and out of town on Gay Street.

Cock'n'Balls (Portland, OR): According to the sole definition, the local bakery doesn't leave anything to the imagination with this peculiar pastry.

Dickhater (Decatur, GA): I don't know if there's a compelling story behind this nickname, or if it's simply a cheap, opportunistic play on phonetics.

Shlongfellow (La Crosse, WI): Blaspheming a great American poet, the kids of rival Lincoln Middle School often make a phallic reference to Longfellow Middle School. On a positive note, "Paul Revere's Ride" was a good one. (That's what she said!)

Can you think of any childish references prevalent in your city?
Share them with us :)

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