Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vote for the Local Word of the Year!

We've narrowed it down to five great finalist--meat raffle, neutral ground, polio water, sconnie, and slugging--and now it's your turn to pick your favorite for the Local Word of the Year. All you need to do is vote here. I have given a short audio explanation for each of them to refresh your memory. If you want to see my more thorough take on each term, see our Local Words of the Year blog post.

Vote before Tuesday, January 12th, when the winning word will be announced.

May the best word win!


A few important notes, updates:

Special thanks to cswriter for tipping me off to the important fact that the first "neutral ground" in New Orleans was the median of Canal Street, which formed a boundary between the old French and Spanish parts and the newer American part.

Simonk01 on Twitter informed me that meat raffles take place in Britain. Also, after looking at the Wikipedia entry for meat raffle, I noticed that concept is called a meat draw in Northern Britain, and and meat tray in Australia and New Zealand. Finally, special thanks to Twitter users krispywi and mangolassie for writing a great meat raffle entry.

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