Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where does "spuckie" come from?

Today's Word of the Day, Spuckie, has a few competing definitions that contradict one another with respect to the word's origin. As any responsible researcher would do, I googled it. (Wink.) Several online sources confirm that "spuckie" comes from the Italian "spucadella", which is a long Italian roll. My findings appear to lend credence to this definition:
spuckie is a word used to describe a submarine (sub) sandwich. It comes from the Italian word "spucadella" which is an italian sandwich roll. It most likely came from the Italians in the North End and elsewhere... (see full definition)
As for the word's origin in Southie (South Boston), most sources seem to leave that out.

As for the word originating from the Italian "spacato", I must plead ignorance. I don't speak Italian, and I am not familiar enough with Boston English to give a firm ruling on this.

Can anyone help out with this?

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