Monday, May 18, 2009

Word of the Day - Annual Strike: New York, New York

Today's Word of the Day features a cultural phenomenon that appears to be quite common in New York: strike. OK, it's not just New Yorkers who strike, but only in a city of New York's size and economic importance are the implications of shutting down public services so grave.

Apparently, the strikes in New York are so frequent that they are considered annual.

Most people outside of New York can remember fights between the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and Transport Workers Union, but apparently the strikes are not limited to the New York subway system. According to the author of today's Word of the Day, waste disposal services also shut down on a regular annual basis. The best time to do it: the middle of the summer when the politicians and the laypeople get to know the true value of their services. Yuck...

All this talk about New York reminds me of one of my favorite entries for the New York Dictionary. Apparently, there is a high positive correlation between the price of a slice of pizza and the price of a subway ticket in New York. I can't verify the merits of this "pizza-subway price correlation," but it sounds like a fascinating concept.

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